School Visits

Conservation has proven to be a true catalyst for development and change in the communities surrounding Lewa. Our education program remains one of the most impactful ways that Lewa demonstrates conservation has the power to transform the fate of communities, their children and generations. Visit a school, meet with students and/or our education program staff to learn more about the educational opportunities Lewa provides to local children.

Tracker Dog Demonstration

Lewa is extremely proud of its renowned tracker dog unit. These remarkable animals are able to follow the scents left at a crime scene and lead Lewa’s security team directly to those involved in the crime. Meet with Lewa’s dog handlers and observe a demonstration of the scent tracking used to stop poachers.

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Security Operations

Visit Lewa’s Radio Room and learn about the sophisticated system our rangers use to monitor wildlife at Lewa as well as neighboring conservancies in partnership with the Northern Rangelands Trust

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Elephant Underpass

Learn from a research team member about Lewa’s efforts to enable wildlife and people to coexist. Visit the underpass built by Lewa that allows elephants to safely travel their traditional migratory route without disrupting nearby communities or crossing a dangerous freeway.

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Conservation Education

Our Conservation Education Center aligns with Kenya’s national conservation curriculum, providing an opportunity for school children throughout the region to learn how to apply conservation principles outside of the classroom.

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Community Health

Visit one of our clinics or participate in health outreach at local schools to learn more about Lewa’s efforts to provide healthcare access to neighboring communities.

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Lewa and Borana also house nine tourism properties that offer an unparalleled, intimate, conservation-focused safari experience.

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